November 9, 2017

Providing Guest Support

manageCondo is typically  the  guest’s  first  interaction  with  your property so  we  need  to  make  sure  it  is  consistently  a  positive  one. We ensure  the  highest  level  of guest  service support  and  our  standards  are  met  and  maintained  at  all  times.

Each  guest  that  walks  into  your property  will  be  welcomed  and  acknowledged with  the  manageCondo  culture  of  positive customer  service and given a property binder that includes.

  • Driver Services such as Airport Pick Ups.
  • Contact names and numbers
  • Common needs
  • Resturant guide
  • Dry cleaner locations
  • Sights and tours

We believe in repeat business and are committed to ensuring that guests are happy and comfortable while staying at a host’s property.
We have a  passion for what we do and we are 100% committed to ensuring that guests are completely taken care of.