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We list & advertise the property. If you’ve already started this, we will optimize the listing and improve its rank and reach through images, descriptions, calendaring, and other proprietary specifics we have access to. We work with you if you have special maintenance and unique requests that require our attendance.

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Screening Guests

We will screen inquires based on your input. You can set age limits, required verifications, minimal reviews etc. We will approve bookings and provide them with all the information they will need. We can also offer your guests car service to and from the airport at a reasonable rate.

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Suite Tour

We will coordinate guest time of arrival and will provide key exchange service and do a walk through tour of the unit and go through any essentials with them. We will work together with you to put together a welcome and neighbourhood guide.

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Our Commitment

ManageCondo is committed to revolutionize the hospitality industry. When you stay at a ManageCondo, there are no surprises. ManageCondo is where expectations mean standardization.


Invest with us! Own a Rental Property

If you ever considered investing in the exciting Toronto real estate market, you don’t have the time to handle all the process that comes with property management then this the best opportunity to contact us to learn more.

Full Service Management

ManageCondo has been successfully managing furnished suites in Toronto. We will administer all day-to-day affairs in order your property to gain maximum income.

Vacancy Rates Does Down Means You Can Demand More!

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Why Short Term Rental?

(1) Short-term rentals allow you to maximize your profit by charging higher rates than typical month-to-month rental agreements.
(2) Short-term rentals allow you to rent your permanent residence or vacation home when you are not there to generate cash.
(3) Guests, especially international travellers, are increasingly demanding the immersive experience that a short-term rental offers.

Why ManageCondo?

We have a strong, experienced team that can effectively execute all elements of your short-term and long term rental from listing to property management. We currently focus & specialize in the Toronto Area. However, if you are located outside of this area and would like to work with us please send us a message and we’ll see what we can do

ManageCondo has operated several high-quality executive rental suites in downtown Toronto and beyond. Each carefully selected, cash-flowing income property is then fully managed with exquisite customer service, thereby commanding the highest of returns for our investment partners. Be sure to be part of our growing inventory of premium suites.

Where we come in is for the busy homeowner that doesn’t have the time to be become an expert or the desire to manage their own property.

Each residence is fully owned by our partners, and operated under our property management, thereby offering absolute care-free customer service and peace of mind.

What you will invest in, is our property management through our knowledge, expertise and networks to excel at the highest level.

We excel in properly pricing your property and market it. Normally the standard lease we sign for our clients is for a minimum of 12 months term. If you are utilizing ManageCondo to rent out your unit, we will complete the rental process from start to finish, listing and showing your property, processing applicants with credit and references checks, collecting deposits, preparing the unit for occupancy and coordinating move in with tenants.


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About Our Services! - We Manage Condos & Houses For Short Term And Long Term Rentals

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Travel Like A Local, Driver Services (Airport Pickups), Provided Amenities, high speed wi-fi & So Much More!

manageCondo is a full service property management company dedicated to helping short-term and long term rental hosts maximize their rental opportunities. We manage condos and houses. Maybe you are out of town, busy at the office, or unable to meet guests, manageCondo is here to meet, greet and get your guests settled in to your place. We are a team of experienced short-term and long term rental hosts who understand the art of hospitality. From key exchange to full service management, We will be there for you every step of the way. ManageCondo is committed to revolutionize the hospitality industry. Managecondo is where expectations mean standardization. ManageCondo will directly monitor the monthly rent payment by the tenant. We will accommodate payment of operating expenses (monthly maintenance fees, property taxes etc.). The balance of the rent will be wired to the owner Canadian bank account. Monthly summary will be available online to owners with a detailed breakdown. Tenant’s maintenance requests will be directed to our office which is available 24 hours, 7 days a week via email or phone. Our maintenance coordinator will look after any maintenance request. Our staff will be available to liaison between building management, tenants and your questions. Move in and move out inspections including key exchange and tenant welcome package. insuring tenant have their own insurance and utilities are set up for their consumption. Access to the best rates and property services from contractor and cleaners. Knowledge of the Landlord Tenancy Act to avoid costly mistakes Freedom of record keeping and landlording to save you travel and time.

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